Bookkeeping Services Colorado and Nevada

GCK Accounting also offers professional bookkeeping services for small business and medium sized businesses. Timely and accurate record keeping is essential to maintaining and healthy and successful company. While many business owners understand this importance, the bookkeeping is often set aside due to time constraints, frustration with the software and a lack of desire to perform the tedious work. Let GCK Accounting take the business bookkeeping off your shoulders so you can focus on what is truly important, growing your business.

The bookkeeping services we offer can be designed to fit your schedule and your budget. Basic bookkeeping services for small business start at $200 per month and include reconciliation of your bank account and one credit card; monthly reports including balance sheet and profit and loss, and a brief summary of the monthly operations.

An additional benefit our small business bookkeeping clients receive is free tax planning on a quarterly basis. When GCK Accounting is allowed to reconcile the books on a monthly basis, we are also able to perform tax planning in conjunction with the monthly work. The tax planning can then be used to update payroll withholdings, determine quarterly estimated tax payments, and develop a strategy to minimize tax without overextending the Company’s cashflow.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping function including;

  • Detect and prevent embezzlement of funds and monitor bank charges.
  • Perform monthly account comparisons and analysis to identify unusual fluctuations in revenues, profitability and spending.
  • Review of monthly accounting records can assist with designing and monitoring efficient cash flow management controls and procedures.
  • Rest easy knowing that after you get home you do not have to spend your personal time entering your accounting data.
  • Receive timely in-house financial statement that allow you to monitor your assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses and make informed financial decisions.
  • Monthly rates are quoted at fixed pricing renewed annually so you do not have to worry about variable monthly bookkeeping invoices. Quoted prices include monthly consulting at no additional costs.
  • Track customer receivables and monitor collection rates, turnover, and bad debts.

Setup a free consultation with our bookkeeping professionals and let GCK Accounting take the burden off your shoulders.