Our Services

Our philosophy is that it is essential to develop aggressive and sophisticated approaches to protecting your assets as you accumulate wealth. We accomplish this goal through use of C Corporations, pass through entities, real estate, and personal financial services. We consider and incorporate federal, state and local tax laws into your business model. Our staff possess years of experience, education and training providing them with competence in specialized fields of accounting as well as a broad knowledge of business and personal taxes.

GCK Accounting provides proactive tax advice to its Corporate and Individual tax clients. Our tax advisors remain current with tax legislations ready to help interpret and analyze how they can be beneficially applied. Our primary focus is protecting your assets while minimizing your tax burden. To do this we tailor your business plan around four key principles.

Tax Planning: Planning tools are used to minimize business and personal income tax, state and local tax, and estate and gift tax.

C Corporations, pass through entities, real estate investment companies, and trusts are utilized and structured to best protect your assets and minimize your tax burden.

We provide tax research to determine how to best utilized opportunities such as the domestic production activities deduction, accounting for long-term contracts, section 263A cost analysis, research and development deductions and credits, and business and individual tax credits and deductions.

Advisory and consulting services regarding tax consequences of major decisions such as offering stock options to key employees, mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, incorporating retirement plans, financing asset acquisitions or business expansion, entity selection and many more.

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