Business Tax and Accounting Services

Whether your business has been operating for decades or you are looking to file with your local Secretary of State, tax compliance can feel like a never ending burden. With federal, state and local payroll taxes, multiple state sales taxes, foreign taxes and income tax provisions for financial statements, the overwhelming tax requirements never seem to end. Let GCK Accounting’s tax department organize and streamline your business tax compliance so that you never have to worry about deadlines being missed. Through planning and effective budgeting, we will take away the stress of tax compliance.

GCK Accounting takes an aggressive and proactive tax approach to your business compliance needs. Our experienced tax professionals will help simplify compliance while minimizing your tax burden.

We provide a comprehensive tax analysis of your business.

Retain documents and records necessary to defend and support aggressive tax positions.

Document and retain research to defend aggressive tax positions.

Organize your tax compliance needs into a calendar with accurate budgets and estimates to avoid missed deadlines and related penalties and interest.

Respond timely to federal and state correspondence and represent your company with a high degree of knowledge and professionalism.

Identify and manage foreign, state and local income tax provisions.

Provide consulting regarding aggressive tax planning decisions such as incorporating a retirement plan into your company, purchase or lease transactions, long-term contract and inventory accounting method selections, and entity class selection.

If you are looking to simplify and better manage your Company’s tax compliance needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our tax professionals.